Thursday, October 1, 2009

My “How to be Happy” List

1. Pray
Every day when you wake up, before you go to bed: in difficult times; in happy times
2. Nature
If I don’t notice it, my boys do; they point to a bird flying, or pick flowers for mama!
3. Motion
Keep moving; exercising, dancing, anything to get you going
4. Human interaction
You feel so refreshed when you have a laugh with you best friend
5. Simplicity
An uncluttered closet!
6. Volunteer
Simple acts of kindness, helping out; contributing; makes you feel so good
7. Music
Blasting your fav tunes gives good energy.
8. Nutrition
Ever had a meal and afterwards feel sluggish...hello! that is your body talking to you..or Not! but then when you eat a small piece of dark expensive chocolate..ahh
10. Spirit
Doing something for only and you only; a pedicure, a hot bath; anything to replenish your spirit
11. Creativity
For me, it is creating the perfect outfit, for Fernando is well...he is the master of creativities, for Lila it is food creations, Kiki, I am thinking: masterfully artful lamp
12. Personal appearance
You walk taller when you have the perfect “garras” (clothing); could be the most comfortable jeans or a dress………..

1 comment:

  1. I love your list. Actually I think I am the master of nothing and everything. I don't really have creativity per se. Maybe I should think about that. Thanks for posting